Fenwicks Marina uses a Komatsu forklift, with a powereful engine, to lift and move engines in and out of boats, shift materials short distances and generally carry out smaller lifting jobs in and around vessels in the shipyard.

The forklift was developed in the early 20th century by various companies including the transmission manufacturing company Clark and the hoist company Yale & Towne Manufacturing. Following World War II the use and development of the forklift has greatly expanded worldwide and is seen as an important part of the shipyard equipment at many marinas.

Komatsu produces one of the widest ranges of these machines. Forklifts have become an indispensable piece of equipment in the marine industry and in marina repair and maintenance operations. These are some of the things that the forklift does:

• Lifts engines in and out of vessels
• Lifts new (or old) anchors onto (or off) vessels
• Towing small boat cradles around the yard
• Lifting all sorts of smaller equipment such as generators onto boats