Travel Lift – 45 TON

The Travel Lift supports vessels up to 45 ton in weight, 20m (65′) in length and beam up to 6m (19′ 6″). The travel lift is used to:

• lift vessel from the water to hardstand
• lift vessels on and off road transport
• lift vessel for pre purchase survey and insurance inspections

Forklift – 4 TON

• Jib lifting attachment
• Saftey cage

Travel Lift rates for slipping, survey and transport:
Vessels to 12m $37.00 per m
If extra slings are required $42.50 per m
If Vessel width is over 5m $42.50 per m
Vessels from 12mtr – 15m $42.50 per m
Vessels over 15m $50.40 per m
Please Note:
Minimum slipping and survey lift $183.00
Minimum transport lift $330.00
For transport lifts we allow one hour. For towage outside marina a fee is charged. Length is calculated on Length Overall (LOA)
Hardstand Rates
Daily rate $14.50 per m
For one month and over* daily rate $11.50 per m
*Must be stipulated at time of booking
Telehandler and Forklift Hire Rates
If used to lift craft – the lifting rates above apply
Telehandler – For general use per half hour $155.00
Telehandler – For general use per hour $250.00
Forklift – For general use per half hour** $100.00
**Minimum charge is one half hour
Acid wash $7.40 per m
Water Blaster Rates***
Minimum $105.00
Vessels over 9m $12.90 per m
***An Environmental Levy Applies to ALL washdowns
For vessels up to 9 m $28.50
For vessels 9.5 m and over $45.50
Labour Rates
General Hand $76.80 / hour
Pro Painter $91.50 / hour