The Roodberg Hydraulic Boat Trailer was built for Fenwicks in The Netherlands and joined the specialist shipyard equipment in March 2015.
This powerful trailer is a boat mover designed to launch and recover boats on a slipway, transport the boats over land and park them in the yard storage area. Because it has an open U-frame design, including hydraulically operated variable width, it is the world’s fastest way to handle boats.

The Telehandler is used to pull the boat mover using the hydraulic facility of the pulling vehicle for all functions of the boat trailer. The boats are supported on large soft pads to give maximum comfort to the hull. The frame and the pads are independently adjustable in height, to keep the boat horizontal and vertical under all circumstances. The drawbar is extendable to fit boats of different lengths.

The hydraulic cylinders are specially designed and manufactured by Roodberg and all lifting cylinders are manufactured including built-in safety valves. This piece of equipment complements the Telehandler and Straddle Carrier.

• A quiet achiever
• Safely holding vessels as they are moved around the yard
• Teaming with the Telehandler for efficiency
• Reducing damage on the hull of vessels