Fenwicks have been antifouling boats for over 30 years. Our experience and knowledge will ensure that the correct antifoul will be applied by the most efficient method. We offer a range of antifouls that can be applied by brush and roller as well as airless application of your antifouling coatings. Vessels are antifouled to Fenwicks standard by applying two coats of antifoul to the hull and three coats to the running gear or stern drives.

Propspeed™  Silicone based antifouling system is for all types of metal. The system is a non toxic, primer and silicon top coat. Once the vessel is underway, growth on the silicon coating is easily detached from the surface of the metal and your propulsion efficiencies are increased. Propspeed can be applied to:

• Propellers
• Rudders
• Struts
• Shafts
• Trim tabs
• Sail drives

For an estimate or to discuss your Antifouling or Propspeed requirements please contact our marina.